January sales..Heaven or Hell?

Yep, that's right they're here! The January Sales, the biggest sales of the year. But are these huge sales heaven or hell? Well, on the bank balance they're certainly a welcome treat. But on stress levels? well they are the most stressful aggravating time of year!

Why is it that on Boxing day hundreds of people Que down the street for NEXT to open at 5am? Why are we more inclined to impulse buy because of the big red label saying: "50% OFF" ? I have no idea of the answers, but I am the worst for it! The excitement to spend all my Christmas money gets overwhelming, I buy all sorts of strange things, then come home exhausted.

Now I am not a violent person, but at times like this, the urge to ram a coat-hanger down every persons throat is quite overwhelming. People push, pull, moan, shout a whole abundance of rude obnoxious things and its all for a half price novelty jumper? STRESSFUL!

However as I said, I am one of this idiots that fall for the JANUARY SALES! ( In December? ) and I went today, and regret it already. I bought 2 skirts ( 1of which I am keeping), 1 pair of shorts ( to be returned), a pair of boots and a Cath Kidston camera case. Happy Shopping.
Boots: Peppermint £20 - keeper
Skirt: River Island £12 - Kepper
Leather Shorts: Miss Selferidges £18 - Seeya
Midi Floral Skirt: Miss Selfriges £7 - Seeya

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