As we are seeing the end of 2011, I thought I'd post my personal favorite products of the year! ( this is just my opinion) That way you can try them out.

#1 John Frieda: Sheer blonde collection
These have to be my ultimate favorite products of the year. The shampoo's and conditioners, are really effective at maintaining colored (blonde) hair, keeping the colour rich. The spray however is amazing. due to this spray I have not coloured my hair since the summer, and it has really impacted on the colour. The product has sorted out my roots as well as brightening the colour. Only worry is that it does contain peroxide so be careful not to over-use.

#2 Label M: Shine Spray
This spray keeps hair looking and feeling soft, even after using heat styliers on my hair. The spray is light and does not feel greasy on the hair, also it smells phenomenal! It's RRP: £11.99 for a small bottle, but I have noticed some label M products in TKmaxx.

#3 Tiger Balm
Tiger balm is a short-term relief from aches and pains. I suffer from back aches and rubbing a little tiger balm on to the muscle is really effective. Another bonus is that I have an obsession with menthol smelling products and this has the scent of menthol and Cinnamon LOVE IT!

#4 Front cover: pallet
I already have a front cover colour pallet, but this one is a. more subtle with lovely natural browns and golds, and b. comes with a selection of brushes. One thing I love about both of my sets is the eyeliner is neutral, so you can create any colour you so wish, and it comes with instructions on how to create specific looks. It's a real girls best friend!

#5 MAC cosmetics: Studio Fix Fluid
I have a few MAC products, and most of which I personally think are a lot of money for what they are ( a label ). However being as pale as I am this foundations gives me relatively good coverage, and is light on the skin. A good foundation for most skin types even dry like my own.

#6 Jemma Kidd Make-up school : Hi-Shine silk touch lip gloss (CORAL)
I am very pale, and find it almost impossible to find a lipstick or coloured gloss to suit me ( I live in fear of looking like a drag queen) However this coral colour is perfect! I got it at the clothes show, and I am really happy with how it looks on. Its quite subtle, without being totally clear and goes with most looks. MUST BUY FOR PALE LADIES.

#7 Fake Bake: Body Butter
As I said before I am pale, so on nights out I stand out like a soar thumb. I seem to buy quite expensive tanning lotions ( although I am quite sure 'St.Moriz' is as good) This is my best one of 2011, it is soft of my skin, and does not effect my eczema. Great for dry skin types.

#8 Nail Varnish
I have so many nail varnishes, in fact possibly too many! And I seem to constantly buy purples * Note to self STOP! Anyways my fave this year are : Barry M , Nails inc. and Models own. I love Barry M's colour selection, they are really lovely and not too over priced. I got some Models Own at the Clothes Show, and I really like them. The gold is lovely, it has a beautiful tone and glitter inside (Xmas must have) and Finally Nails inc. I wasn't too sure about buying Nails inc. as it costs a lot and I have been let down on expensive nail products by OPI, however so far I really like it. It dries quickly and is a nice consistency.

#9 Imperial Lather: Foam Burst
I went to Zante in the summer, and fell in love with this body wash. It is really moisturising, and also works great as a shaving foam! The smell fantastic and are not too expensive. I recommend these to all skin types.

#10 SBC: Collagen Gel
This product was sent to me by one of my magazine subscriptions. And I know I am only 19, and shouldn't need this but it is really gentle on my skin and moisturises skin really well without leaving a sticky residue ( which I was half expecting) I have done my research on it and it is quite expensive so I am not sure if I'll by it again: ranging from £11 - £55 per bottle. Also it might prevent me getting wrinkles woo!!