Today I'm wearing..?

Top: Miss Selfridges
Maxi Skirt: Select
Necklace: Santa (aka:DPs)

Thought I'd do a 'what I'm wearing' feature. Seem to have gone a bit Bo ho today. I love this jumper, it is so comfortable and loose. I got it when I hit the sales (AGAIN) yesterday. I love slouchy tops, they're great dressed up or down! especially if like me your a little tummy conscious. The skirt is quite old, i just never really wear it. Select is not somewhere I'd usually shop, as a lot of the stuff looks really cheap, but I loved the colour of this maxi so it was a MUST HAVE!

The last two days I have had every intention of finishing my 2nd assignment, but I never quite get round to it? I have also realised that I have gone from zilch photography items to 3 in my Handbag : SONY SLR, NIKON digital and my iPhone.. It's getting a bit much! But I love taking cute photos so I suppose it'll suffice.

Tonight I am off to NANDO's with some girlfriends so excited to spend my birthday gift card.
I'm going to post my top 10 products of 2011 tomorrow, so keep reading!