Beckham doing underwear for H&M?

Like most girls I do have a soft spot for 36 year old DAVID BECKHAM. But his underwear range for H&M slightly confuses me. Firstly how is this making breaking news, even days after it is released? Yes he is a high profiled footballer, icon, family man but this is not quite ITV news is it?

Despite the underwear being aimed at men, the advertising is clearly aimed at women. The half naked picture of Becks in the buff, makes women think maybe there is a chance their fella' is going to look the same. Darlin' he wont. Also the range is released February 14th.. oh wait! That is Valentines day! Coincidence.. I think NOT! Women are going to be queuing round the block to buy their partners just what they wanted, David Beckham Briefs..

I can't deny my love for David Beckham, yes, I did buy his 2012 calender. Yes I am jealous of the stunning Victoria! and Yes, I have glanced at the pictures ( more than once). But I just don't see why he is bringing this high street range out?

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