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Sleek True Colour Lipstick: (771) Baby Doll - Review

After trying a darker pink lipstick (and liking the shade) a friend suggested I try a baby pink. I opted for Sleek's baby doll shade.
The shade was very very pale, and pigmented. Not a shade I would usually pick nor wear in fear of looking like the walking dead! On application the lipstick was not at all matte or drying, in fact quite nourishing ( CONTAINS VITAMIN E). For an incredibly cheap lipstick it glides really well on to the lips with little if any tug or pull.
In terms of colour as suggested in the title, is incredibly girly, and not at all subtle. The pigmentation is fair, but not incredibly strong. The shade has clear undertones of orange and coral, which make it slightly more wearable, for various skin types.

When I first tried the colour I thought I looked awful I hate to say it but like those 'Geordie shore girls'- not a look I generally go for. However my opinion changed it actually quite suits my skin tone, making me look a little more tanned. The shade does remind me still of a Barbie, but I think given the right out fit I would wear this again.

In terms of packaging? well... it isn't great! Its simple black casing with 'Sleek True Colour' embedded on. The case is absolutely TINY! but for £3.99 I cant complain really. Although my stick so far has been protected by the outer casing, I am aware this may not always be the case.. judging by the testers in Super Drug - EWWW!
On average the colour lasts about 2/3 hours, with maximum coverage. The lipstick is a soft texture, but obviously no MAC. I am intrigued to try more sleek lipsticks in maybe a coral shade? as this shade is defiantly a few steps out of my comfort zone?


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