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Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick in Pinky Beige - Review
I have mentioned before about my fear of lipsticks! Being pale I often look washed out and ill, however I have been on a quest... to find some colours I love. I have bought a few different colours and here is my review on the first: Maybelline extreme moisture (721) Pinky beige.

I had seen this shade on many blogs, and it seemed perfect for me! both pink and beige are colours which suit my pallid skin, and this is a lovely nude lipstick, for most skin tones. The colour is a pink with brown undertones, I think the pink could show through a little more, but is a fairly good balance. The lipstick is really pigmented, but does not stain(bonus!)
The reason I have fallen head over heels for this lipstick is not only because the shade suits me, but how it applies. Oh, it is wonderful. The moment it touches your lips it moisturises and soothes them. It applies much like a lip balm/butter, yet still gives the intense colour PERFECT!! ( especially in these winter months)
The packaging has had a lot of criticism, and to be honest I don't think it's that awful. Yes it is a little cheap looking, but it protects the lipstick from wear and tear in my handbag, and that more than what can be said for a lot of drugstore brands. Basic but practical.
My photos do not represent a true colour
The lipstick itself lasts around 2/3 hours and keeps dry lips moisturised throughout. I think this is a really brilliant lipstick and all colours should be tried! Best thing is it was only £5.99 bargain!

:Keep an eye out for some more adventurous colours:

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