New Year; New Post

Recently I have bought lots of new costume jewlery, as I was wearing my Tiffany too much. Here are some of my recent purchases. ENJOY.
Rings: Matalan
Necklace: Topshop

The necklace above is my new BESTBUY. It was half price in the sale and is really quirky and fun. I have been looking at 'tash necklace's alot recently, but never wanted to folk out for them but this is perfect & student budget material. I refuse to spend much on rings as I loose them all the time! But these three were all under £3 each in the sale (BARGAIN). I have seen simular ones around but not this cheap, they'll look great on nights out!

Left: Dorothy Perkins
Right: Vintage
These are two of my Christmas necklace's as I am yet to open the others. The left one hasn't come clear in the picture but is a orangy/brown stone, it is quite boho and chic. The one on the right suits my style really well, and has a bow on too.

both: The Clothes Show
At the start of December I went to the clothes show and found these two cute necklace's, both with birds on. I love them. I think they go with most outfits, andjust bring some personality.

My New Year: Last night I went out with some family and friends to a resturant, as a) I was planning on being sober and b) I think 'NYE' is over-rated. I had an amazing night, and definatley did not remain sober whoops. we cracked up a £550 bill, and I endured my first flaming sambuka! Hope you all had fun x