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Garnier: Miracle Skin Perfector: BB Cream

I was sent this product in the post last week, and used is sceptically before a night out. I am really impressed with the outcome of it. I like most people had seen the adverts for it, and thought here we go another product that is 'promises' to give me flawless skin (YAWN!) but for me... this works!

I have used Garnier products before, and I am usually left satisfied for such a small price tag. So I have no idea why I was so negative at the thought of this one.

Garnier describes it as an: 'all-in-one' and that is exactly what it is. On touch it feels and looks much like a tinted moisturiser, which usually puts me off instantly. When I put it onto my face, I could notice an instant difference. My skin was: softer,Smother, blemish-free(almost), all round it had a much nicer appearance.

When on the skin, it feels almost silky , it's really light and doesn't feel like your wearing a ton of makeup. The color suits my overly pale face! however as far as I have seen ( correct me if I am wrong) they only do light and medium, so dark skinned people miss out, which I feel is a flaw in the product.

The B.B cream works as a primer under your foundation and makes it last all day.. really! I have never really found a primer that suits my skin type, and I always find my foundation wears off quickly throughout the day. So I am really surprised of all the brands to get my attention is Garnier!

Obviously, we don't all have the same skin type, so it may not be the same for everyone. I have extremely dry skin, and am allergic to a lot of products, I also suffer from break-outs so I feel this product is a good all round cream.


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