Student loan splurge..

This week there was a cheer from students up and down the country, as their bank balances filled with LOANS !! And I am no different. I gave the pep talk of I'm going to be more sensible, but the likelihood is, I'll be exactly the same.

Anyway, I have bought two major purchases this week. 1) Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty book. 2) New shoes.

The book is amazing, it is pictures from his collection at New York's Metropolitan Museum, and I am hoping this comes to the UK. Like any fashion lover, I adore McQueen, his work is so creative and inspirational. For me there really is no other like him. I feel the book captures his work, with beautiful pictures, quotes and writing. Definitely worth the £30. I will review the book properly when I have read it from cover to cover. I did notice a quote inside which as a 'curvy' girl, I really loved:
"Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality."

I felt this was a sensible buy, as most of my friends are off out tonight, and I was unable to attend. I felt this £30 was better spent than on over-priced shots?
However, the shoes. OH the shoes. My not-so-sensible purchase. On one of my nights out I broke my lovely wedges and was truly gutted, mostly as these were the only shoes I bought back from uni (whoops). I decided to buy some new ones (below)
I have named these THE PAIN MACHINES! with 7" heels, they really hurt. However I do love them. I wanted some Jeffery Campbell shoes, and really can't afford to waist money like that, so I got these on misguided and for £36, you can't go wrong. However I feel they're more sat at a bar shoe, rather than dance the night away shoe?

I hope you are all enjoying your student loans?

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