Honey I'm home..

Hey Guys! Long time no see. Granted that is my own fault. I would like to say this is because I have been too busy settling back into university but... I've been too busy drooling over the David Beckham for H&M adds.
So, as mentioned I am back at university and this semester looks so good! I am really loving it so far! As a class we have a Tumblr site, which has made me decide to post these images ( just found on my ol' pal Google) I just think they're really fun, and say a lot about me.

This Wang quote has always been a favourite of mine, as I really think anyone can look their best after hours of slaving on a night out, but its those who rock up to uni looking stylish and beautiful who catch my eye.

On a more important note, There is so much going on in fashion at the moment: all the SS12 collections are out in full force, pastel galore! The fashion shows are about to begin in NYC (if only I was invited), DAVID BECKHAMS RANGE ( have I bored you yet?) and so much more!! I have just been a very lazy girl on the blogging front! WHOOPS!
You may think I am lazy putting up pictures I have found, but I am planning lots of new exciting things; so I will be doing more. I also went shopping today and got a few nice bits, so I'll try and do a what I am wearing piece tomorrow if I have the time. Sorry this is a little brief, so I've saved the best till last .... B E C K H A M

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