Can Carrie Be ReCreated?

As Sarah Jessica Parker has just celebrated her 47th birthday I thought I would look at the new Carrie Bradshaw: Anna Sophia Robb.

Robb is playing the fictional fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker's most famous role. Robb's role is for the new show Sex And The City Diaries- The prequel to the series we all know and love!

The character has still kept a lot of her trade mark ways , and is typically seen in amazing outfits, as Carrie should. But we all love SJP as the role. So will it work? It has been thought that Sarah Jessica Parker is really supportive of Robb, giving her advice and her encouragement on taking over such a massive role!

So we will have to tune in May 2012, to see how Robb fits Carries numerous Jimmy Choo's.

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