Summer time has arrived!

As we have finally seen some nice weather, I thought I'd do a summer post.

It's getting hot in here
Dress; Topshop..Blazer; River island..Shorts; Warehouse.. Platforms; Yoox, Sandals; Mochino.. Bag; Prada

10 things to do before Summer:
  1. Buy a pair of Ray Bans- for my holiday
  2. Get fit :)
  3. Save money £$£$
  4. Buy some more Benefit bronzer
  5. Give up wheat and Dairy :(
  6. my hair to have grown to a length that doesn't make cry.
  7. do well at my last semester in uni
  8. Buy some gorgeous summer stuff
  9. BLOG MORE !!
  10. Love every single bit of my summer, tell everyone that I love them everyday, and be the best I possibly can! :))

First post on my new laptop <3

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