This is a post about growing up. When is the right time to start growing up?

Recently it seems like everyone is in such a hurry to grow up, get married, work full-time and have kids.I have to admit this scares me: I'm 19, in education, single and quite content with having FUN? In the past week I have been asked these questions:
Woaaah!?!?! hold on. As far as I was aware my biggest decision is what to have for dinner tomorrow, and now I have my colour scheme for my wedding planned with a pet cat and 6 kids! Don't get me wrong I have dreams, ambitions and want to do well, but can we not be young and have fun first? Apparently not.

Everyone seems to have the next 10 years of their lives planned and I certainly do not. Doing a fashion journalism degree, I clearly dream of working in a fashion publication but I am open to the vast amount of possibilities my course opens: Styling, fashion photography, news journalism, design .. the list goes on. Why does everything have to be set in stone?

As for settling down, well I can't think of any more scary! Apparently I need to be married with kids by 30? have these people not seen sex and the city - I really don't! to be honest I am too selfish for all of that. I wouldn't usually describe myself as selfish, however I want to travel, get drunk, have fun and make mistakes NOT change nappies, wipe up vomit, and commit my life to some lazy lout with a beer belly!

I'm 19, and I think I'm going to just work hard but let my life pan out in it's own time to avoid disappointment. So after days of stressing about my lack growing up, lack of plans and lack of all things scary .. I have decided to be happy and successful and do things in my own time.

Below: pictures of me being me: immature, silly and FUNNN!

Me & Ayten Flat Mates: flour fight ME!

Peace Out!

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