PRODUCT REVIEW: Herbal Essence's beautiful ends - split end protection cream

This is a quick review on a product I have been using at home. I am at University in Sunderland but my home is in Kent and one noticeable difference I find from up north and down south is the water. In Sunderland they have soft water which leaves my hair always feeling soft and shiny, however when I am home I have the total opposite.

I decided to use beautiful ends, partly due to the lack of moisture in my hair down south but also as I haven't been able to afford a hair cut in a while to sort out my awful split ends!

The product is in a red bottle, with a pump end making it easy to get a good amount of the product on the palm of your hand. You only need a small blob ( Walnut sized ) otherwise it makes the hair feel slightly greasy and sticky.

I have always liked the Herbal Essences collections, and they always really suit my hair type, and this does not disappoint. It gives my hair that bit more life and my ends look a little more protected.

Herbal Essences promote their product by saying: " simply the V.I.P. treatment you need to pamper your hair all day long." which in my opinion is correct, obviously it isn't quite as ground breaking as an actual haircut or a luxury product, but for the price I think it's pretty good!