Does size really matter?

'HOW TO LOOSE 2stone in 2 WEEKES' - Click 

yup, we are all guilty of clicking on these links to find out the ultimate secret of how to achieve 'perfection'. As women we are inundated with images of 'beautiful' women on the front of magazines. It's no wonder 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from eating disorders, and most of these are women aged between 14-25. 

The issue is how are we supposed to know what beautiful is? one minute we need to be ultra slim like Victoria Beckham the next its all about those curvy ladies such as Beyonce and Christina Hendrickx. We have knickers that suck everything in, bras that push everything up and underwear that enhances your backside. If we constantly try to conform to these values of perfection we will be sucking in and pushing out for the rest of our lives. 

These various publications believe they're doing us a favour with their ridiculous diets and quick fixes, and we as always go along, buy the magazines stare at these women in ore as we squeeze on our size 12  hot pants in floods of tears.
NOW, I'm not saying I have never fell in to the trap of 'look how big my hips are'.. 'I wish I looked like Mila Kunis'. I'm also not promoting being over weight,not at all. what I think is best is be healthy and most of all be happy! 
This is hymn sheet magazines should be singing from! Instead of making us feel inadequate because we have a secret stash of Yorkie bars in our desk draw and can't snack on celery alone; make us aware of being healthy. So long as you eat a balanced diet, accidentally demolishing a tub of ben and Jerry's whilst watching a chick flick isn't going to hurt. And if you are not the sort of person who finds doing a thousand squats and crunches a night a thrilling experience I'm with you, the media needs to make us aware of fun ways of keeping fit. Regular exercise is important, but doesn't have to be boring, try Zumba or running with a close friend across the sea front twice a week? 
A Healthy lifestyle will keep you happy, but still enjoy everything you love. 
 I'm a quite curvy size 10/12 - which according to some people is FAT! I disagree I may not be happy with all my body but I have hips and a big chest theres not much I can do about that and I'm sick of being made to feel like a fatty! So my message is be happy and healthy and eat chocolate at least once a week ;) 

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