How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Sorry about the lack of posts, I am back at uni and have a ton of work so my posts might be a little more spread out for the next month. 

I thought I'd post a little guide on how to wash your make up brushes, as it is something I admit that I don't do often enough. Recently I have had really awful skin so decided that I would clean all my brushes properly. Here is how?

 I am showing this using my foundation brush. I use a No. 7 brush from boots and think it is wonderful! One of the best I have ever had. But as you can see it was pretty grubby EWWW! 

 You can use a gentle on skin body wash or if you like your brushes ultra soft, I use shampoo. Soap and Glory's GLAD HAIR DAY is a shampoo I don't use on my hair as it does nothing for it but works really well on dirty brushes. 

Firstly,  rinse your brushes under warm water for about 3 minutes, to wash away any surface foundation or powders. 

Secondly, put a walnut sized blob of shampoo or body wash on your fingers.

Massage in the product under the warm tap to rinse away all the makeup and grime. If they're really dirty you may need to add more product to them. 

Towel dry your brush using a small towel or flannel to remove the excess water
and finish by blowdrying your brush into the desired shape. 

Hope this helps. 

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