It Don't matter if you're black or white

Racism- why is not going?

Ok, so this is not my usual piece on fashion or beauty but this is a piece on something I feel needs to be spoken about... Racism. 

Yesterday I spent a lovely Easter Sunday in London, one of the most beautiful places in the world (In my opinion) But I witnessed the worst racism I have ever encountered. 

London is one of the most diverse multi-cultral cities in the UK, so what I don't understand is how people who live there can be so narrow minded. I know people who have suffered from racism attacks, and i know worse happens but this was the worst I had ever seen! 

(I wont go in to details of the sickening incident here) 

And it makes me ask the question.. how is it still going on? We have seen campaign after campaign, by celebrity after celebrity yet still people don't seem to listen. 

Personally I believe it is a measure of a persons intelligence to believe that a country such as the UK should be one race. The narrow-minded people who believe this are so un-intelligent, to think that because someone is of a different race or colour they are not British -it is just plain stupidity. 

The thing that really bugs me is I am sure many of these people do not just sit at home eating and doing things which originated in Britain, yet if Britain did not have such diversity we would not be able to enjoy all the wonderful things we are privileged to receive. 

I know this one piece wont make a difference to society, but it is something we need to not be naive about, and not think that it doesn't still happen.. it does. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. NOW!