Suddenly I saw polka dots and moonbeams

Bargain Hunting again! 

Yesterday I got some really cute buys from... ASDA! and I am really happy with them. I popped in to get some easter gifts and left having spent a whopping £60, how? I do not know? But it was money well spent. And although I didn't get any they have some beautiful (affordable) bikini's for anyone off on holiday this summer! 
Here are some images of what I bought. The high waist polka dot shorts are perfect! I love polka dots, they're cute and girly without being barbie pink. I really like the shape of the shorts as they compliment curvy girls more than topshop high waist shorts generally do (GO ON GEORGE!) The shorts also came in a bright blue (without polka dots), which were really nice, but I thought the navy patterned ones had the edge. 
Despite the fact I have about 4/5 white blouses I felt the need to but another one. I love slouchy fit clothes and the shirt was a great fit - and complimented the shorts perfectly- It is quite a long length so would look good with leggings and jeans as well. There isn't much in terms of detailing but the gold buttons are simple yet effective! 
TOP: £12
The shoes are my best buy! I have wanted a pair of loafer slip-ons for ages but just cant justify buying top shop or New look prices as I ruin flats so easily!! These black suede slip ons are perfect and go with anything! they're almost an exact replica of the high street brands yet from a supermarket! For the small price I am so happy! 
SHOES: £10

 This is how I have been wearing my hair recently as it as the most awful length and i have no idea what I am going to do with it? so I am getting my big ol' forehead out.

Apologies for the wonky eye!