A Little Sunshine Makes A Big Difference

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1) Sally Hansen - Hard as Nails (£4.75) 

My nails have been suffering from my constant use of nail varnish recently, so I decided to buy this as I have always trusted the Sally Hansen brand. My nails are very cracked and splitting at the moment so i will review soon if it has worked 
- Bought as part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer 

2) Nailene - Perfect Tips (£3.05)

I love french tip nails, they look so classic and pretty but my hand shakes like a leaf in the wind so I often don't bother. But I decided to buy these as I have used them before and it helps me get the perfect tip. To be Reviewed.
- Bought as part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer 

3) Rimmel - Instant Tan - Sun shimmer - Wash Off - Medium Matte (£3)

This product for me is a constant cosmetic must have. People look down on it for the cheap Rimmel brand, but I LOVE it ! I obviously like to use my Fake Bake and St. Tropez but sometimes you need that instant quick fix, that'll wash off by tomorrow. The colour is perfect I used to always go for light being fair, but now I have taken the plunge and started to wear medium. Although I still have loads of this left, It was reduced to £3 in Boots today so I had to stock up. If you love fake Tan and have never tried this I urge you to, it wont be a regret. 

4) Topshop - Sunglasses (£16- Student discount= £14.40)

The Sun was shining again in Kent today ( Make your mind up weather really!!) so I bought myself some sunnies for my holiday in August. I usually get really large glasses to make up for my enormous head, but I went fir a change. I really love the tortoise brown colour and the shape, which I didn't expect to suit me. It also came with this really cute leopard print sleeve, which I will replace with a more sturdy case at some point. 

5) Topshop - Sunglasses (£16- Student discount= £14.40)

SEE No.4

6) Natural Collection - CoverUp Stick (£1.99) 

Yup, You read it the cheap skate i am bought NATURAL COLLECTION. when it comes to concealer I begrudge spending a small fortune, when I don't wear it much and when i do I cover it with other products. I had recently run out of mine and decided to try this one as because it was cheap and B, I had been told despite the low price it is actually quite a good product. So haters of cheap make up hush! I'll make the judgement!

7) FOTD - Topshop - Sunglasses (£16- Student discount= £14.40)

Me in my New sunnies SEE No.4

8) Soap and Glory - Hand Maid - £2.50 

When it comes to anti- bacterial hand wash I go through it way too much. It is always in my bag and i had just ran out of my last so hurried in to boots to replace it. When it comes to S&G for me (having sensitive skin) it can be hit and miss. I have a collection of hand creams but Hand Food is one of my faves! and together they make a good combo! 


I need some advice ... Keep growing my hair? Or go back to short? Someone decide I am going insane here! 

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