This morning I woke up in a mood full of self pity mainly for two reasons
a) I am currently not at The Vogue Festival as the prices are clearly not for students! 
b) it's the start of the weekend, meaning I soon have to say my bye's and travel back up to sunderland. 

So I decided to put ALL my uniwork to the back of my mind *slaps wrists* and go in to town with a friend & have a yummy Nando's NOMNOMNOM! due to my foul mood I knew one thing that would me happy! SHOPPING! - Here is what I bought.. 
Love at Topshop dress : £22.00
I have wanted a stepped hem dress now for AGES! and they're all reduced in the Topshop mid-season sale. I tried on numerous styles and patterns and decided on black as it is so versatile. the emporor line suits my bigger bust and I can't wait to wear this on holiday or a night out. (sorry the left picture is wierd I had to put it over the arms)

Topshop Blusher in FLUSH : £6.00

When Topshop started their makeup range I was sceptical " surely they're not good at everything" I asked myself. But since trying their lipsticks and falling head over heels my mind has changed! Today I bought their Blusher in the Colour Flush. It is a coral/Pink and looks gorgeous. The texture is a cream which becomes powder like. So excited to try it. 

 I am a obsessive magazine hoard, much to my mothers distress. I have every vogue since I was 14 stashed away and in a pile all the latest mags, So today I added to my collection with this months Company magazine (£2). Which comes with a cute double ended eyeliner and most importantly some gum! Also I love Kate Bosworth so I am excited to read this!! 

 I got this tissue pack from Primark you get 6 in a pack and can't remember if it was for 50p or £1, but which ever it is a total bargain and the packets were so cute! I really recommend! 

I also got a new concealer after my Natural Collections disappointment, I have used another 17 concealer before and LOVED it! and for £3.99 I'm not complaining. 

Finally I bought this Bourjoirs Mascara, I have used the same NYC mascara for ages which I adore, but I decided it was time to change. This one was on offer in Boots for £6.99 so cheap as chips really! 

HAIR IDEA: I have rambled on about my hair for ages now, and saw this today I want the cut and colour but I think my face is to chubby! what do you think?? 

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