I am a typical student SKINT! so budgeting is a No.1 priority! However being a fashion journalism student, occasionally buying some clothes is a MUST!.. right? well with these guilt free buys I have been feeling great! 

I found this gorgeous patterned shirt in MATALAN today for £16. After the Jessie J on the voice hype the pattern shirts are floating around everywhere and this one is right up my street! Perfect for a night out with disco pants or shorts, but also really stylish day look with leggings or skinnies!

 Another MATALAN beaut! I got this last weekend after a day out with my uni girls. I got it for just under a tenner due to reductions on that day. It's similar to the one above and I love the chain and animal print pattern. I've worn this a couple of time this week and I admit I LOVE IT, for the price. 

 I got these aztec runner shorts from PRIMARK, last weekend. I have wanted some like this for my holiday in august and these are so cool to just chill by the pool in. They were about £4, so a total bargain buy. Hurry up sunshine I am waiting. 

cross earrings and ring. I'm starting to think whilst I am skint MATALAN is my new topshop (kind of). The metal on the two peices are a golden colour, both with wooden crosses. I have this exact ring in silver without the wood aswell. I LOVE this trend. and for £4 & £5 who am I to say no? 

I know there are people who will look down their noses at cheap shops, but you can get some really good pieces. 

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