Jubilee's on it's way.

After reading on my daily Vogue update that Jubilee fever has started in London today, I got all excited. Anyone who knows me well will be thinking: "here she goes again.. union jack.. blaa" But my obsession is only fuelled by this patriotic summer of olympics and jubilee. Oxford street has had a red white and blue revamp today, consisting of 147 union jack flags, and I secretly really want to do the same in my flat. Anyway, here are a selection of the things on my UNION JACK HIT LIST! 

1) ROBERTS Digital Radio - John Lewis
£199.95- I have wanted one of these radios for so long now, and this one makes me want them more!!!! 

2) Cake Stand - Urban outfitters
£10.00- I NEED a jubilee party now because I love cupcakes and I love this. 

3) Charbonnel et Walker Mini Truffles In heart box, 34g - John Lewis
£3.85- They look so tasty and a perfect gift for Jubilee day! 

4)'Vintage' Union Jack Bed Linen - Debenhams
£24-£64 - Okay, I have four sets of different union jack bed sheets, so one more wont hurt will it? anybody want to buy me a new house warming gift? 

5) Patterned vanity bag - Debenhams
£6.40 - This is reduced at the moment, and I think it's a really nice handbag addition

6) Fuchsia floral union jack umbrella - John Lewis
£16.00- So cute and not too OTT with the britain-ness and for such a big brolly I think its good value.

7)Union Jack Bag - River Island (mens)
£40.00 - It might be mens but I think this would be a great travel bag! Although I already have one. But with the amount of travelling I do since being at university two won't hurt.

8)Ikon tote Bag - Ted Baker
£35.00- I love the union jack bow on the famous Ted bag, however after receiving a simular ted bag and purse and having problems with both falling apart I don't think I'd purchase it. 

9)Union Jack wellies- Hunter
£125.00- I have blogged these before but I cannot stress enough how much I want them!

10) Union Jack Cupcake Cases- John Lewis
£2.00 - Perfect for street parties, except the website doesn't tell you how many you get for that price. 

11) Union Jack Leggings- Republic
£16.00 - I like the fact that these are subtly pattered so they're wearable and fashionable.

12) Hair Band - New Look
£5.99- this would be great for summer to remove hair from your hot and sweaty faces. 

13) Union Jack crown tights- Topshop
£15.00 - OMG!! I NEED THESE! - no more needs to be said - 

I think I am going to have a Jubilee graden party when I am back home for summer as this has all excited me far too much!

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