ombered nails

Woo! The sun is shining. And if you find yourself chilling in the garden, catching the rays with some tunes then why not try this summer nail look. 
Ombered everything is in fashion at the moment whether it be hair or clothing so why not add the look to your nails. This does take quite a lot of time (enough for me to burn) but can create a really fresh new look. Here's how to do it :) 

 What You Need: 
- base and top coat nail varnish
- two nail colours ( i opted for pastel shades) 
- two cocktail sticks/tooth picks
-nail varnish remover
-cotton wool
- a sponge ( any will do makeup/kitchen/bath)
- a plastic wallet or any flat surface (eg. foil etc)
- and a little patience

Step one:
cut a small piece of your sponge big enough to cover the nail. Then use your base coat to paint your nails. 

Step two:
After painting a base coat, use the lightest of your chosen colours to paint a base. You may need a few coats as it will need to look opaque. It does not need to be perfectly neat as this is a messy process. I used Barry M's Blue Moon. 

 Step three: 
Once the base colour is completely dry, pour a large amount of the two colours on to the plastic wallet. You will probely be doing this more than once, so don't be sparing with the varnish. Make sure the two colours just about meet. My second colour I used was Barry M's Light purple

Step four:
Using one of the cocktail sticks swirl the centre of the two colours so that they slightly mix together. 

Step five:
Now using the piece of cut out sponge push down into the nail polish. You need to get quite a lot on to the sponge making sure both colours are on it. 

Step six:
Then gently push the sponge onto the nail, with a slight downward motion. This will be really messy and you will become completely covered in nail varnish - so clean freaks may not want to try this.  It should look like the image below...
as you can see a complete mess!!

Step six:
You will need to apply a top coat. I used Sally Hanson's Hard as Nails.You will proberbly find you need more than one coat as the sponge leaves a rough texture behind. 

 Finished. Gradient/Ombered nails, perfect for this summer's trend. 

* If you were wondering what the second cocktail stick, cotton wool and nail varnish remover were for, they were to clean your hands. Wrap cotton wool around the end of your stick and dip it into some nail varnish remover, then you have a small stick to remove the varnish from difficult places. 

My Next post will be my summer outfits from this week - and be prepared to see some very red skin! 

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