Semester To Semester... Raving With The Freshers

Freshers over - Roll on summer. 

I am sat here: work finished, bags almost packed and leaving what has been my home since September in the morning and I decided to create a post on University. A few people from my old school have nervously asked about starting university and moving far from home so I thought I'd do a quick post. 

I have moaned about Halls, I have cried over work, I have suffered from home-sickness but all in all I have loved every single moment of uni. Moving to the opposite side of the country was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, yet one of the best. 

I have met some of the best people both on my course and the girls I live with. Although I am excited to move into our own house next year it is strange thinking someone else will be living in our little flat. Freshers year has been full of laughs, silliness, baking and of course drunken antics. I could not have wished to have spent the last year with better people. 

So anyone nervous about moving to uni, I whole heartily recommend it! I am such a family girl and moving to the other side of the country was hard, and I have complained numerous times about the whole experience. But DO IT!! you will not regret it, you'll meet friends for life, and become friends will people you never though you would. 

And I almost understand a Geordie/ Maccum accent now, I skill I never thought I would possess! So here is a short video of my freshers year. Enjoy x