Top 5 High street Lipsticks.

Take a big step back 6 months ago and I was a lipstick phob! I thought my pallid complexion meant clear glosses were all I could wear without looking like I had just stepped out of vegas looking like a man in drag. However I have become more experimental with lip colours and found out I can actually wear some! HORAY FOR PALE GIRLS! 

In the last 6 months I have accumulated quite a range from the favourites such as MAC and NARS to the cheap brands such as Primark. I thought I would show you my favourite high-street ones as everyone who is anyone has reviewed the expensive ones and there is not much more I can add! enjoy...

Top: My five favourite lippy's
Bottom: All my cheap lipsticks BARGAIN HUNTER

Topshop: Ohh La La: £8.00
This is a milky coral shade with a strong pink undertone, perfect for the up and coming spring summer seasons. The stick glides on with ease however it can be drying on the lips after 2/3 hours of wear. The colour has a high pigmentation and only needs one or two coats to become opaque. I really love this colour and would recommend it to most light/medium skin tones. My only issue is the packaging, like NARS it attracts dirt like a moth to a flame. 
*Lip image above makes the colour look pinker than reality

Kate Moss for Rimmel: 08 &12: £6.99
The kate moss for Rimmel collection is one of my favourites, I bought shade 12 way back in January and loved it. The colour is a bright red with orange/coral undertones - making it suit my skin tone much better than the deeper reds (like shade 01). I recently purchased 08 after seeing a friend wearing it and falling in love with the pink/purple tones it had. The shades are moisturising and leave a glossy hint to the lips. Both only need one application to become opaque, however they do stain the lips. 

 Jemma Kidd: Coral :£14.00
I was lucky enough to be sent this one, and I love it. The high shine gloss is not too sticky like most glosses and gives a long lasting shine. The slight coral colour looks great alone as well as over a pigmented lipstick. This was my first dabble in to colour and is a great way to add a shade without committing to it. The colour does not have a high pigmentation but covers the lips for about 1/2 hours with ease. 

Maybelline extreme moisture: (721) Pinky beige: £5.99
I have blogged about this before, so I shall be brief. Pinky beige is a neutral colour suitable for all occasions. The colour has a high pigmentation, although I feel the pink tones in the shade are overpowered by the browns. The texture of this is the best thing about the product, it glides on like a lip butter and moisturises all day long. The shade lasts 2/3 hours, but it is more of a winter colour. 

These are my favourite lipsticks, what are yours?? 

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