I have just finished reading Caitlin Moran's 'How To Be A Woman' and it has placed a question in my mind... Am I a feminist? Feminism is a word which is often associated with butch, bra burning, men hating women. I myself, whilst studying A level sociology used to wince at the word, and would never have called myself it. 

But I do want equal rights for both men and women, I don't think I belong in the kitchen ( even though I am a secret Nigella), I expect equal pay across the board and I personally believe women around the world should have the right to vote. However, I don't burn my bra's (The world ain't ready for that) , I do shave my legs, I care about fashion and how I look and I definitely DO NOT hate men... in fact I'd say the complete opposite. So am I a feminist? According to Moran's book... YES! 

I think the whole meaning behind the feminist movement has been lost somewhere in a sociology class room long ago. I don't think the whole movement was to make us hate men and I don't think us girls get it that bad. What I do think is to stand up for our rights is an important thing even in this day and age. If no one had ever stood up for our rights as a women we would still be at home nursing our 12 children and getting a weekly allowance from our man! We now have the right to contraception: the morning after pill, abortions, and many numerous ways for us to stop popping them out. So next time you snub at someone who declares themselves a feminist stop and think: do you want to be treated equally? should you earn an equal amount to a man in your position? If you are answering yes I have learned you, much like me are a feminist. Don't be a afraid it's just like the spice girls said: "GIRL POWER" 
* I recommend this book to everyone, Caitlin Moran writes a witty memoir touching on her life and answering questions modern women want to know. 9/10 
**NOW on to a book feminists have criticised fifty shades of grey! 

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