As you know exfoliating your dead skin is an important part of your beauty regime, especially  if like me you like to use fake tanning products. This can start to add up in price for something that can be made so simply with everyday household items. This is something I have started doing and LOVE it! I like my exfoliators really rough so this gives me the control to make it as grainy as I like. 


 - Granulated sugar
-Oil. (Olive oil, Almond oil, sunflower oil can all be used and do work I choose baby oil for my skin) 
-Your favourite essential oil ( I have mine diluted in a squirty bottle) 
- And a clear container, which can be found in your local drug store. 


 - Pour the sugar into the container, you are aiming for about 3 parts sugar.

 - Next squirt or drop in your essential oil, this will give the exfoliator a scent and is not an crucial part of the process if you'd rather leave it out.

- Next you want to fill the rest of the container with the oil of your choice. As mentioned before 3 parts sugar to one part oil will give you the grainy texture I like.. However you can really play around with the amounts go get the texture you feel most suitable to your preference. 


 -Finally, you just need to stir the mixture to create a consistency similar to your favourite exfoliating product. SIMPLES. You might find if you leave it for a while the sugar will sink to the bottom of the tub, this is totally normal you will just need to give it another stir.

Final Product. 

 I find this tub lasts me about two washes, and I like to experiment with different scents.

Did you like this type of post? would you like to see more of my homemade beauty products?

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