As you may or may not know I am in love with the union jack! So this weekend was right up my street. I really embraced the whole weekend and wished I was in London the whole time. I have really taken to the Royal family, especially after watching the home movies with Charles. I hope you have all enjoyed the four day weekend as much as I did? 

 I have spent most of the weekend watching Tv. I've seen every minute of it. I mean who doesn't love Prince Harry? And BARLOW for knighthood!! anyone agree?
On The Friday daytime I went to my gorgeous sister's school jubilee party! It was so magical seeing all the ballons let off by the children! 
 In the evening my parents went out for their 21st anniversary (21 YEARS!!) so me and my little sister had our own little date together. And I got time to read some magazines! Oh... and in true British fashion , it was PIMMS o'Clock! 
 On the bank holiday Sunday me and my close friends went for a night out! It was such an amazing night out - even if we was drinking Tesco Everyday Value Vodka! Also my friend Ayten got me this cute personalised shot glass from America!  

The next day was one of feeling rough...Very rough! However I refused to not enjoy the Jubilee. So I had breakfast of pastries in Morrisons and went to a Jubilee fair in a local village! However when we finished the day out with a meal we ended up eating my Cheddars as we was waiting 1hr to be served!  
My Buys: 1. Being unfaithful to MAC and buying a MaXfactor foundation
2. My gorgeous new watch!!! 
3. Rimmel Mascara
5. Braving a crop top!
6. MY AMAZING NEW FABULOUS ORGANISER! (must be love love love) 

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