Role Model... Rihanna?

I am fully aware I am about to risk sounding like my mother, but this is a rant that needs to be got off my chest promto. 

Everyone talks about her, everyone knows who she is, women want to be like her and men want to have her: Rihanna. There is no denying that she is a talented young artist, and a beautiful one at that; but I feel she is naive to her responsibility as a celebrity. 

It wasn't until this week when my 5 year old sister came home from school innocently singing " Oh lala what ma name" that I realised you cannot escape the power that is 'RiRi'. However I don't want my sister or the children of this generation growing up with whips, chains and 'getting it up'. I understand Rihanna is young and having fun but I think she has gone too far. 

It's not just her inappropriate lyrics but her choice of costume. The once Vogue cover star is often seen wearing very little, and portraying a sexual image. In the past I have always agreed  she can look beautiful, however recently in her bondage looking outfits and short shorts I feel she is beginning to look cringey and dirty. 

And I know boys say how 'fit' she is, but would they really want her as a girlfriend? we've all had a boyfriend who pulls our skirt down in public to cover our dignity or pull our tops up so 'other boys' don't see out cleavage. So I really don't think they could keep up with the S&M singing superstar.  

The problem is Rihanna's effect on fashion is becoming obvious with everyone wearing micro shorts and bralets, as well as hosiery in public... and don't get me started on the shorts that look like bridget jones underwear. I am aware Rihanna states she will not compromise her look or lyrics for the critics as it is 'her art', but it is effecting the young girls of today. 

TIME magazine has voted Rihanna one of the most influential starts of 2012, so Rihanna cannot disagree that she effects society. I can't help but want to cover her up and wash her mouth out with soap... I'm not saying I wear totally appropriate clothing all the time, and never talk with my girls about inappropriate things, the difference is I am not in the public eye 24/7. And after recent cocaine allegations at Coachella and performing songs with ex Chris Brown after his assault I have lost all respect for the singer. She just gives the wrong message to young girls. 

  DO you think Rihanna's image has gone too far? What do you think to Rihanna's role model status? 

*All images sourced from a google search