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Just a little post to show you some of the things I have spent money on this week. I am starting to get a little bit tired of reading blogs and seeing everyone wearing a gorgeous dress, and then seeing it cost £70/£80... So if like me you can't afford these lovely but pricey items and are living off a student budget; Here is what I bought this week (At a wallet friendly cost) 

Miss Selfridges sale - £17.00+ student discount 
I love this coral midi dress! It's so perfect with a pleated skirt and triangular cut outs on the shoulders. I know midi dresses are a love hate situation and some people just think they're for your grandma but I love them! I think it can they can be dressed up or down to create a desired effect. My only issue is it is slightly tighter on my chest than I would like - but that's the story of my life right?
H&M basics - £3.99
I've wanted this vest top for ages and finally bought it today! This cotton black vest was an absolute steal at £3.99, it is completely see through and made of a light cotton fabric. I mainly got this for my holiday as I thought it would be good for chilling round the pool just over my bikini. 

ASOS- £10
I've wanted to try this face care collection for ages now, however as I have really sensitive skin I wanted to buy these mini's to test them. I haven't been able to find them in stock anywhere until I looked on ASOS! I have the Benefit POREfessional primer and it is so dreamy- so fingers crossed this doesn't react to my skin. Plus it comes with a handy travel bag so if I like it I will buy the Mini's again for my holiday! 

ASOS- £2.50
Anatomicals and ASOS have teamed together on a collection of cosmetics. I love the anatomicals products so when I saw these two full sized bottles of body wash for only £2.50 I thought it was meant to be! The two scents I got were: Orange Blossom and White Lily - which both smell AMAZING! 


They must know how badly I burn! 

Watch: River Island: £25.00
Repairs: A Simmons: £5.00
I blogged about new watch the other day but today I finally got round to getting some links taken out :) It's so big and manly I love it. It is a dupe of a Micheal Kors one which I love but this one is at an affordable price.

Dorothy Perkins: £25.00 & £4.00 +student discount
I officially start my bar job this weekend and needed some black trousers... I found it really difficult to find a pair I actually liked the fit of, but I ended up choosing these linen harem ones as they were really well structured and fit like a glove. 
I also needed a belt desperately, since loosing a bit of weight around my waist all my jeans end up at my ankles. This belt was reduced and sturdy enough to keep my trousers up - unlike all my thin belts! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post?

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