30 tag questions.

Hi! I have recently had a few new followers on sites such as Blog lovin (FOLLOW ME-->) and my hits have gone up a lot recently which suggests someone is reading this somewhere. So I thought I'd give you all the opportunity to get to know me (Melody Small)  :) Here is my Tag Question Post:

#1. What time did you wake up this morning? 
7.30ish, since doing the school run for my sister my body clock has set itself for 7.30am which is super duper early, I'm sure this will change when I'm back at uni though! 
#2.What was the last film you saw at the cinema? 
My friend and I had a day out out week, we went shopping, Nando's and then went to see The Five Year Engagment. It was really funny, the kind of easy viewing movie I enjoy. 
#3. How do you like your steak? 
Medium, I couldn't eat it dripping with blood however it needs to be a little pink and tender. 
#4.Whats your favourite TV show? 
I am a huge comedy nerd, I'm always watching comedy central.. Things like 8 out of 10, mock the week, Live at the apollo, as well as sit-coms. And like anyone I love FRIENDS and SATC. And I know I shouldn't but TOWIE :S
#5. What is your favourite food? 
CHOCOLATE.. I could eat almost anything covered in chocolate! However I have recently given up wheat and diary, so I really love eating mixed berries. 
#6. What foods do you dislike? 
Baked beans *gag* , Pigs meat ( except cheap sausage rolls, but to be honest they probably have like 5% actual meat) , Cucumber and guacamole.  
#7. Favourite places to eat? 
Chinese buffets (mmm), prezzo and Pizza express. 
#8.Favourite clothing? 
Bags and shoes, because they fit no matter what size you are. If not I do enjoy a nice shirt from time to time. 
#9.What is your favourite fragrance? 
I love Dolce and Gabbana: The One, Victor And Rolf: Flower Bomb, Channel: Allure and Ghost. 
#10.Favourite baby product? 
OMG! Baby Oil!! It does wonders for my skin.. Although My flatmate Sarah would probably moan as I always make the bath slippery and I often have accidents with it! 
#11. Are you a People watcher? 
Of course. 
#12. Do you have any pets? 
No. If I am honest I'm not so much of an animal lover. I am petrified of dogs, and most other animals just annoy me. I do really want a tortoise or a Sting ray.. But i don't actually own either. Oh! my little sister has a black fish called Millie. 
#13. What did you want to be when you were little? 
age 4-6: An ice cream lady (unlimited ice creams) 6-9: A ventriloquist (no idea why) 10-15: Fashion designer or writer 16+: Fashion Journalist. 
#14. Favourite memory? 
Urrrrrrm... My baby sister being born is definitely number one! I was fourteen and she has changed our lives so much for the good it's wonderful. I cannot imagine being without such a massive part in my life. I'll always love her, even though she is a cheeky little monkey. 
#15. Any pet peeves? 
Where to start? People eating near me *vom* I have been known to leave the room, is that bad? - people who think they can get something for nothing, I've been bought up with an understanding that you need to work hard to gain results! People who say something just to make other people look stupid (basically bullies) and when people go on and on about over weight people, when in fact under weight people are just as un healthy and never get a word in.. *and breathe* 
#16. Best fast food restaurant? 
KFC. Sunderland (the city I study in) does not possess a KFC, this for me is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. However sunderland has about 30 Gregs (A vile bakery chain) Maybe I'll start a petition? 
#17. Favourite ice cream? 
Ben and Jerrys: chocolate fudge brownie! I also like butterscotch and Hazelnut ice creams. 
#18. Who was your last text from and what did it say? 
My friend Wade saying 'ay?' I should probably reply really.. 
#19. Do you like your job? 
I have recently started working at a bar/cafe.. And I do enjoy it, I like being kept busy much better than working in retail! 
#20. Favourite vacation? 
God, theres too many too choose from. I loved America, Dominican republic, Cyprus I did really enjoy my girls holiday last year to Zante? I don't know I've been on too many trips. 
#21. What are you listening to right now? 
Spotify: The Vaccines
#22. How many tattoos do you have? 
None. I love tattoos, and think they can look really good.. But I over think things, There are loads I want and have wanted for years but I just think: a) I am young I have places to see things to experience that will probably make a better tattoo, b) Will I like what I do now when i am 30/40? and c) Will I get discriminated for it if I want a job? 
#23. coffee Drinker? 
No. It's odd I am a Starbucks addict but I literally detest coffee, it makes peoples breath stink, it has loads of caffeine in it. No no no!
#24. Do you like sushi? 
No. Well actually I have never tried it, so that is a lie. But the thought of raw fish gives me the heebee jeebee's
#25. Where do you get your groceries?
Sunderland is not blessed with supermarkets but usually I get bits in tesco and treats in M&S.. 
#26. How many siblings to you have? 
1, five year old sister. She is a cutie. 
#27. Desktop or Laptop? 
Laptop. I have a Macbook Pro, before that I had a Mac book so I am an apple nerd. and i have just started using a tablet too, which I intend to use for university lecture notes. 
#28. How old will you be on your next birthday? 
20! *sobs* I hate getting old! 
#29.Have you ever had an all nighter? 
Well I am an awful sleeper so yes I have. I had a few as a kid during sleepovers, the night before we went to Zante (big mistake) and at university they're like the norm, people who sleep at uni are freaks lol. 
#30.Can you taste the difference between coke and pepsi? 
I dont actually drink them, unless I am on a night out in which case yes I can, but I don't have a preference. I just don't really like them. 

There you are you nosey lot. 

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