okay, so in my original MAC VS THE HIGSTREET post I accidentally called this foundation ' Lasting perfection' when in fact it is actually called Lasting performance.. I do apologise. 

This foundation is really difficult for me to sum up as unlike the last review I do not LOVE this foundation, however it does have it's benefits, and I can see why some people may choose this particular foundation.

As I mentioned in my Rimmel wake me up foundation post I really struggled to decipher which colour matched my skin tone and this is a prime example. When in store This appeared to be the lightest shade of this foundation however after some research and my orange skin I found that actually Max factor have a good selection of colours to choose from. 

The foundation gives a heavy coverage, which I could actually feel clogging my pores. It gives a slight matte finish which stuck to any imperfections and dry patches on my skin. Although this was not for me it would really help people with an oily complexion. 

The foundation cost me £9.99 from boots, it claims to last at least 8 hours and to have a 'rub proof' formula. Although this foundation lasts well, it is certainly not rub proof and does not beat the stay power of MAC studio fix foundation. 

Also for the price I think the packaging is cheap and basic. It does the job, but looks cheap and tacky which is not a usual trait for MAX FACTOR products.  

Overall, I do not like this foundation as it is too heavy, matte and has a cheap appearance, however I can see the benefits for people with a different skin type. 

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