Olympic Fever

Olympic fever

As I am sure you are all aware london 2012 has begun! ( If not.. What rock are you hiding under?) And as with anything completely British I am here waving my union jack bed sheet with pride - well almost.  I thought the olympics was a perfect opportunity to share some 'sporty' looks with you. Okay they're not full on running gear, but they're a more fun and fashionable way of making sportswear in to day wear. I have so many versatile looks, one day I'm seriously girly, another I look like a grunge and others I am chilling in my high tops; So sportswear as a fashion statement is right up my street. 

Trainers: Both Liberty for nike. Yellow Blazers: £75.00 Blue/Purple Running Trainers: £90.00
Liberty's collaboration with Nike has had me drooling since day one. I mentioned in a post before how I really like Blazers and these are no exception, the pattern makes them ultra stylish whilst practical too. And who wouldn't look cool running in those running trainers? But for £90.00 I'd be afraid to wear them. I really like the purple air Max's too, they look really vintage. 

Shorts: Topshop: WAS: £28.00 NOW:£10.00
The Running shorts style has been a big hit this 'summer' ( what summer I hear you cry?). They're not only great for running and the gym but also relaxing on the beach and festival attire. I think these Topshop ones are a really great pattern, and would look great with the yellow Liberty Blazers. 

Top: Topshop:  £8.00
Everyones seen these crop tops now, they're everywhere yet they're every girls worst nightmare "Breathe in!" However on a skinner model (eg. Not me) they look really great! And the shape and cut gives it a sportier look. 

Leggings: Miss Selfridge: £28.00
Okay, these proberbly wont strike you as sporty right? But in my defence you wear leggings to the gym? Basically this is my plea for someone somewhere to buy me these Barbie print leggings they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I want them so much but £28.00 on leggings seems a little much? what do you think? 

Asta La Vista Baby.  

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