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Today I thought i'd leave you with a brief post about some little purchases I made yesterday. The reason behind the brief post is because I am off today to watch the olympic torch go through my local village. I am taking my 5 year old sister who will be singing a song ( Gary Barlow's : Sing) along with the rest of her school. Hopefully it'll be a really nice event and make me forget my the fact that I am incredibly tired and a little bit fragile from a night out with the girls. 


I have a recent obsession with nail art, I am not great but it is really good fun! and can really finish off a look. I recently bought the Topshop Black Nail art pen and had to buy it in white. They're really good and I can't recommend them enough! And I can't wait to use the brightly coloured ones either. Remember you can get student discount in Topshop! 


Again I bought more nail art bits, I know they're a little tacky but I think they're so tacky they're good! They were only £1.99 and I can just tell I am going to have soooo much fun with them! My other love which you may have noticed recently on the blog is flatforms, there are so many I want! I thought these white trainer/plimsoles with a flatform were really cool and reasonably priced. Remember you can get student discount in New Look. 
 I love cleansers, if there is one skincare product I can't live without it is cleaners and I had heard great things about this Boots Botanics Balm, although I am aware they have recently changed a lot of their ingredients I thought I'd give it ago. I'll give this a review soon. Although I love my Benefit face polish, I wanted to try a cheaper alternative so I am trying this Boots Botanics for a while. Boots Botanics products are currently reduced at the moment so go quick! 


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