Holiday Post #1 : Sunglasses

It is now a week until I leave Kent, jump on a plane and sun it up for two weeks *Horaah* So this is the start of my 'holiday posts' in which I will share what I think are packing essentials, and what I will be taking away with me. This post is all about sunglasses. 
*Apologies for the messy hair 

Left: Topshop £16 Right: Tom Ford (a gift) : about £190ish

Left: Oasis £8 Right: Cosmopolitan magazine FREE!
 Topshop: old (£5)

It may seem excessive taking 5 pairs of sunglasses on holiday, but I feel sunglasses are such a necessity  when in the sun. I really suffer from sun induced headaches and know that wearing sunglasses with a good UVA/UVB protection is essential. Also I think they're great to hide the fact you're not wearing any make-up! 

I have an exceedingly large head - I am aware don't worry, so I know that I only really suit larger glasses to keep my head in proportion. I also mostly suit rounder frames, and was really surprised at the Topshop ones suited me.It is really important to pick a style that suit you, rather than what is in fashion - as many people do.  My favourites are naturally the Tom Ford ones as they are a gorgeous shape and fit the face perfectly, but my high street faves are definitely the Topshop ones at the top 
. I was very lucky to receive them as a gift ( and could never afford them myself). I can't take myself seriously in the love heart ones - but they definitely add some personality. 

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