Rimmel is one of those drugstore brands that I feel I can always turn to for a basic, yet reliable product. Whether it be makeup, nail varnish or fake tan I am usually really impressed with the quality of such a low price product. 

However, this foundation is definitely not my favourite of the ones I have been testing. This matte foundation costs a mere £5.99, however in my personal opinion it doesn't quite live up to expectations. 

 I choose the colour 100 (ivory) which tends to be my shade in most of the Rimmel products, I still think that Rimmel could improve their lines by adding more of a colour selection for those with a darker skin tone, but this colour matched me perfectly. 

The packaging reflects the price, in the cheap plastic tube. It doesn't appeal to me at all, and much like the packaging of Topshop or Nars foundation it attracts dirt like no other! 

 Having sensitive skin I was drawn to the fact this foundation contained: Cucumber, Chamaille and cotton, however after a week of trying this foundation I have had a huge break out! So I am not overly struck on the sensitivity side of the product. 

This foundation has a light coverage and does not blend particularly well in to the skin. In terms of it being a Matte foundation this is where I struggle. When the foundation is first applied it gives a dewy glow (not what you would expect from a matte foundation). As the day went on the foundation became more 'matte' or what I would describe as dry and flaky. 

 This foundation certainly didn't suit my skin type, and I would only really recommend it to those with very oily skin ( which I don't) If not it can be a little to drying. The foundation only had a stay power of about 4 hours unlike the 12hr promise on the packet. 


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