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 I like many girls have tried every skincare product in the universe from budget brands to the over-priced waters in a bottle - however it was only recently I tried the Boots Botanics range. For me the Botanic range at boots is the equivalent of tesco's finest.. not the cheapest but also not a popular brand. 
As I have mentioned before I have very sensitive skin, which is a combination of dry and oily and I often suffer with break-outs. I started using the Boot's Botanics range about two months ago and have noticed a massive change in my skin. I really think you get the luxury of a high end product for a fraction of the price. 

Purifying Face Scrub, Rosewater Toning Spray, Hot Cloth Cleansing balm 
Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm:
This is one of my favourite products in the collection, and it has always been a hit with beauty bloggers until the re-launch in which they changed an awful lot of their products (to slightly cheaper ones). Despite these changes I still really love this cleanser!! It removes even waterproof makeup with ease and doesn't irritate my skin. 
I have always found cleansing such an important part of my skincare routine, as it removes makeup and  unclogs pores - this is by far my favourite cleanser and the balm consistency is far better than any cream cleanser I have used.  
I put this on after wetting my face with a warm (to open pores) damp cloth and then wash it off again with cooler (to close pores) one. In my opinion the cloth which comes with the cleanser is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I definitely reccomend this cleanser. 

Purifying Face Scrub: 

I like it when you can really feel a face scrub working, I never get it when you by an exfoliator and the bits are really soft? This face scrub is rough but pleasant. I use this 2/3 times a week, and scrub it in circular motions after cleansing. 
You can really feel the beads getting deep into your skin working out all the dirt from your day. This is one of the most impressive face scrubs I have used, and it smells lovely too, which is important with your face. When I started using this I really noticed the effect it had on my breakouts, and think it is yet another superb addiction to the botanics range. 

Rosewater Toning Spritz: 

This is my first ever spray toner, and I find it much more refreshing than ones applied with cotton wool. I always find toners really harsh on my skin, but this one is totally the opposite this is due to its simple organic ingredients and it also contains Glycerin which is better for my sensitive skin. 
I find this visibly closes my pores and leaves my skin feeling calm and clean before moisturising. It does recommend you wipe this off with a cotton pad, however as I do not use this for make-up removal I don't feel the need to and I love the refreshing effects it has on my skin. 
I would recommend this to people with sensitive skin as it has dramatically changed my opinion of facial toners. 

Have you used any of the Botanics range? what is your favourite product? 

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