Minie Mouse

Okay, we all love Disney right? Everyone has shed a tear at Bambi and had a drunken sing song of 'You've got a friend in me' but I seriously LOVE Disney. It had a massive impact on my childhood and I remember vistiting Disneyland/world on various occasions, and having an almost complete collection of Disney videos.. yes videos!

So when it seemed that Minnie was cool for adults this year I got a little excited... okay well very! In terms of fame it has always seemed that Minnie was a little overshadowed by her male counterpart (Mickey) talk about patriarchy eh?  But this year she has gone all feminist on our arses and become something of a fashion icon. (I have even planned on having a minnie mouse bedroom this year). 

Designers such as Lulu Guinness, Giles Deacon, Richard Nicoll and Micheal Van Der Ham are just some of the amazing designers who have teamed up with Disney to create some amazing pieces inspired by the Disney rodent in the red dress. The items will be auctioned off on eBay

Richard Nicoll
LuLu Guinness

Giles Deacon

Terri De Havilland
Richard Nicoll
Tatty Devine

Piers Atkinson

Husam El Odeh and Luke Hersheson

Meadham Kirchhoff
Micheal Van Der Ham

Katie Hillier

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