Hello, I am back! I finally have internet connection and am back from my wonderful holiday! And I have really missed blogging! However my absence has given me time to plan of lot of new ideas for the blog! My past university posts have had a great response so I thought I'd do another.... 

This weekend is the start of many freshers, and the last weekend of packing up and buying the last minute bits and bobs. There are guides everywhere for freshers on what to take but... what do you really need? 

-> pain killers: You will empty the pack after a week of crazy drinking games!! 
-> Flu meds: I bet you've heard the myth of frehers flu? Well I am living proof that it gets all of us! And when the week is up you will be swapping vodka for Lemsip!!  
->Bonjela: the stress of moving out for the first time, and sharing glasses with new people often brings people out in ulcers and this stuff is a god send! (also ladies, it numbs eyebrows for plucking) 
->Tampons: You don't want to get caught short. It seems to be something people forget to buy when leaving home. 
->Condoms: Well it is best to be safe than sorry. 
-> A bottle of lucozade: Cures hangovers like no other. 

-> Pots and pans: You can get sets of pots and pans so cheaply ( £10 in Wilkos ) and they really are so important. 
-> Cutlery: Just a simple set from ASDA will do perfectly, although I'd recommend getting a separator for them as it really makes life easier. 
-> Plates, cups and glasses: Get the cheapest you can. they're forever being broken and it isn't worth spending a fortune on them. 
-> Kitchen utensils: Potato masher, knives, peeler, whisk, turner, serving spoon, chopping board, large bowl
-> Tea Towels: Go as cheap as possible they get drained in alcohol most of the time. 

-> Bed sheets: I would get two sets, as university halls tumble dryers are not always so great at drying. 
->stationary: Post its, blue tac, pens, felt-tips, stapler, selotape, prit stick, paper, note pads, folders, plastic wallets & laptop. 
-> washing basket: or something to bung your dirties in to. 
-> clothes: they're kind of a must! people might think you're a bit odd without them! 

OTHERS: okay, so these things are not essential but if you are going to live in a room for a year make it yours not an empty, cold hotel room. 

-> photos: feeling home sick is inevitable, but printing just a few images of home and having them in your room will make the biggest difference! 
->posters: Rooms in halls of residence tend to be bland so adding a few posters of interest can make all the difference. 
-> 20ps: You will need them for the washing machines! 
-> Games: They will really help you make friends, a few drunken games and you will think you have known each other forever.
-> clothes horse: for those damp outfits. 
-> fancy dress outfits: for those wild nights out

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