Applying For University : Advice

Hi, As you probably know by now university is something that is close to my heart. Being a second year student it is something that I know a little about and effects me everyday. But I remember like it was yesterday that dreaded UCAS application. If you are sat there right now thinking 'How do I know if I want to move away?' 'I cant think of a single good thing to say about myself let alone 4,000 characters' then STOP and here is a little bit of advice. 

A degree is something for YOU, and my biggest piece of advice is too keep that at the forefront of your mind. I have seen a number of people at university, that felt pressured into going to uni or pushed into a certain course, but in reality those people don't put 110% into their degree. Especially now, if you are going to pay £9,000 a year to be there then choose something you are passionate about and something you enjoy, because lets face it you have three years of this.

Okay, this is something I feel incredibly strong about. I have moved from one side of the country to the other and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did! I am a proper 'home-bird' and only intended on moving about an hour away from home to London, but I am so glad I didn't. I will be 100% honest Sunderland University was a last choice for me at first (sorry uni) However, when I went to the open days it completely changed my mind. 

And that is my next piece of advice LOOK AROUND. open days are there for a reason, you can get a real sense of your course at open day, you get to talk to your future lecturers and see the area for yourself. I honestly do not think you can choose where you want to live for the next 3 years of your life based on a website.

Relationships? This is one of the biggest reasons I hear people say that they're staying at home for a boy/girlfriend. And this is something I have first hand experience of this. University will make or break a relationship, and I have seen both sides of the coin. When you apply for university and have a partner you think that moving away from them will be the end but that is not the case. If both of you are willing to make an effort and get skype then it really isn't as difficult as you imagine, and a term really isn't that long when you have ESSAYS..ESSAYS and more ESSAYS to think about. So don't let that affect your decision. 

'I am so boring' 
'I don't have hobbies' 
'I work in a shop how is that relevant' 
I bet that is what you are thinking aren't you? Well you do have hobbies, okay so you don't have a stamp collection, but I bet you like travelling, or going for meals or even socialising. Put this in, and explain how this gives you a confidence or makes you a better 'people person'. And Okay, working in a cafe or retail may not seem that thrilling, but it means you have a work ethic, you're reliable, and a number of other things. My advice is make a spider diagram and just write everything you possibly can about you on there, and the writing will come naturally. And for goodness sake sound passionate about the course!  

I am so thankful that I decided to go to Sunderland University for my degree (Fashion Journalism) because it has given me skills that I really do think are invaluable for a journalist. Before I started uni, I would not have thought studying fashion I'd be writing news reports and doing essays on Marxism, but it is all really valuable. And I am lucky that Sunderland is the only Fashion Journalism course (that I am aware of) which you have to sit your NCTJ's, which is so useful. The university give amazing opportunities and you really do need to take them all with open arms. 

I hope this is of some use to you all, and I haven't rambled on too much. 

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