Hello, it is New Years Eve so 2013 is only a few hours away, girls everywhere are checking their new dresses still fit, getting their makeup ready, tanning and prepping ready for tonights events. I just want to quickly thank all my readers for coming back time and time again to read me blabber on. I have really enjoyed blogging this year it has been amazing and I am so grateful that you read it. 

Being primarily a fashion blog I thought I would write my 5 fashion icons of the year, these are women who have inspired me in terms of their style and women who in my opinion always dress to perfection.

1. Fearne Cotton 2. cara delevingne 3. Kate Middleton 4. Jessie J 5. Miranda Kerr

1. FEARNE COTTON:The TV/Radio presenter who has her own range for will always be my biggest style crush. Cotton has the power to look effortlessly cool, with her grunge-chic style no matter what she puts on. Even this year carrying her baby bump she has managed to still look ultimately stylish in maternity wear. That is going to be one stylish baby.
2. CARA DELEVINGNE : Cara really is he woman of the moment in the fashion world. The british fashion model has modelled for the likes of Channel and H&M and is currently the face of Burberry. She is only young but boy does she know how to dress, she always looks great and rocks a pair of boots and a backpack looking chilled at all times.
3. KATE MIDDLETON : This is the princess who is always looking fashion forward and wearing the latest trend/colour in a chic and elegant way. She may not be rocking the disco-pants trend or a pair of hot pants but she always looks elegant and fashionable which I think our royal family needed.
4. JESSIE J: I have mentioned the pop star Jessie J's style on the blog a few times as Jessie has a style that is transferable to the high street. Jessie never looks boring whether she is baring flesh or clashing patterns she always pulls off her unusual style.
5. MIRANDA KERR : Most famous for being a victoria Secrets model miranda is really someone I envy. With her incredible body and sleek style Kerr always manages to look perfect. Kerr's style is often classic yet relaxed which is what I love about her.

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