You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends

You may remember me posting some photos I posted a little while ago of a photo shoot I had to do for my fashion styling module a little while ago, if not click here
This shoot was inspired by the movie "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" and we had to style, shoot and create cover which would be suitable for POP Magazine. For those of you who are not aware of POP magazine, it is a very creative fashion magazine which is not similar to the mainstream mags such as; Vogue. This gave me the chance to have a lot more fun when it came to the editing side. I actually got a first for this piece of work so I am quite proud of the outcomes, I hope you like it. 

 This is my Final Cover 

Below I have just added some of my more 'playing' around images. As I mentioned before I got to be pretty free reign on the editing, having choose POP - So below are a few things I tried out. 

I'd like to thank the rest of my group who helped with the styling and the shoot: Nancy, Lauren, Jordan and Claire. And Also our AMAZING model Amy Louise Deborah Brown. 


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