Every girl wants to get married.. except me.

As a girl  woman (apparently at 20 you are no longer a girl *sobs*) there are certain expectations that are put upon you about your life, and more to the point how you should live it. These things I am talking about are norms that I as a female should have been fantasising about since leaving the womb, and low and behold I don't. 

This being marriage. As a twenty year old girl have you ever told your girlfriends that you really don't fancy the idea of a wedding, or told your Mum that you wont be making her a grandmother ... ever - by choice. These comments are usually followed by a chorus of : "You don't want to get married,what?!" "You'll change your mind in time" and " But the dress? the shoes? the special day!" 

Why is it that it is expected of me to want the idea of the cereal box family? and a big day where everyone watches me inevitably trip over my long dress down an aisle? (if you know me you know I am clumsy enough to do such a thing) I blame disney. Those darn princesses are always woken up by a kiss, then marry the Prince Charming and LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.. without a mention of the fact she has to wash his socks and cook his dinner forever after.

I know what you are thinking this is a rant from a single girl who has had her heart broken. Wrong. OR Someone who has been brought up in a broken family. Wrong again. My parents are happily married and have been for many-a-year and I have a boyfriend with whom I am happy with. It just so happens this conventional expectation is not one that I feel the pressure of. 

The strange thing is I love other peoples weddings, and I agree tiffany rings are beautiful, but a ring and a pretty dress is not enough reason to get married. 

Firstly, the planning- according to Mail online the average wedding in 2012 cost £18,500, that is a lot of money for one day. Plus with the fad diets, sending invites, talking to family members with whom you'd rather forget, then arranging food and a cake it seems a like a lot of pleasing other people. 

...And according to those Rom Coms I am already behind, I should have a book of cut outs and plans by now that I started age 6. 

In reality I get stressed arranging a casual evening down the pub let alone a wedding, the poor groom-to-be would leave this Bridezilla in a flash. 

And the main issue for me is why? why do you need a ring, a BIG day and presents that you'll never use, to prove that you love someone? Surely love is there whether you say 'I do' or not, and as long as you are happy that is all that matters. 

I am not saying 'DONT GET MARRIED GIRLS' because it is about what YOU want. What I am saying is if your friend tells you that she'd rather a big shopping trip and a holiday instead of getting married don't let your chin hit the floor and look like she has just told you that she has 15 nipples.

As I never want to get married or have children I am sure I'll make a fab bridesmaid and spoil my god children instead. 

** But hey maybe one day I'll stand corrected - but I'm probably too stubborn. 


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