Hey! It is my first post of 2013 !! 
So it is a new year, women everywhere have banned chocolate from their homes, got a gym membership and probably bought a self help diet book. But in two weeks their will be statuses everhwere saying: "Diet Crashed Today" and this happens every year. New years resolutions are a set-up for failure, if you make one you can break one - simple. 
Although I do agree with setting goal and small things you would like to achieve in a year otherwise you can become lazy and complacent. One thing I would like to do a little more in the year is blog and do outfit posts. Mostly because I think you can style yourself on a budget, and a lot of blogs don't show the HIGHSTREET end as much. SO, I start the year as I mean to go on... 

 Coat: French Connection SALE 
Jeans: Urban Outfitters SALE 
Hat: Topshop 
Watch: Micheal Korrs

These are two pictures that sum up my plans for the year. Including my Mulberry and Holiday funds as I am rubbish at saving money. Wish me luck. 

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