Evening Y'all, I thought I'd do a little Instagram update, this evening as I haven't been posting these weekly like I used to. I love looking at opther peoples weekly updates, but I am rather nosey that is why... 

This week has been filled with ups and downs, from a night out with my favourite girlfriends, nights in the boyfriend and the generally being happy about being home, TO being very poorly, copious amounts of revision and today being snowed in - therefore not being able to make an important exam tomorrow *sobs*. 

 Me and my bestest girl on a night out x2 | My choice of music for revision..
Getting attacked by my sister | Revision and biccys | my fave coat and bowler hat
I NEED these shoes| My impressive glossy box | Sisterly master piece 
 Weight watchers banana pancakes YUM | REVISION Zzz | Yummy healthy snack !! 

I hope the snow hasn't ruined too many of your plans like it did mine.. And you managed to enjoy the hellish weather :) 

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