My Winter Heroes : On a Budget.

As you are probably aware it is snowing... a lot. And with snow comes lots of photos of peoples front gardens, grumpy statuses and well... dehydrated skin. 

I have been meaning to do a post about my favourite winter products for a while, but just haven't found the right time and well, right now I am supposed to be sitting an exam at the other end of the country but can't so here I am. I actually went into the snow for these images see what I do for you guys?!

This is just a collection of beauty products that I find make a difference in the cooler weather, I still use a number of other products and my skincare routine continues, but these are just little things that make a BIG difference to my chapped lips, brittle hair and dry skin. They are also what I would call budget brands - friendly to the student purse. 


VO5 Smoothly Does It - £3.89: Superdrug 
Other than their hot oils VO5 is not a brand that I have paid much attention to, however after trying this heat defence smoothing cream I will definitely invest in more of their products. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth after straightening it, and is so so cheap. If you suffer from dry hair I recommend you try this. 
Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo - £7.99 approx : TK MAXX
I always get my Bed head products at TK MAXX or B&M Bargains as they always sell the brand for an amazing price. I find this shampoo pushes the right amount of moisture into my hair and scalp without being too thick or looking greasy. The smell of the bed head products are definitely a winner for me and I always feel like I have bathed in luxury. For me a definite winter must!! 

Soap & Glory Hand Food - £5.00: Boots 
If like me you are addicted to your anti- bacterial hand gel you will know how essential a decent hand cream is and won't leave the house with out it. But even in the winter months everyone needs a good hand cream. I find Soap and Glory is perfect for this situation and leaves my hands soft and not sticky. The cream has a light scent that does no over power, which is perfect for everyday use. 
Nivea Creme - £3.39: Boots 
I only recently discovered this and will NEVER look back. I have always used nivea's moisturiser as I have such dry skin, but this creme is unbelievable. It is a little too thick for daily use as it has the consistency of sudo creme, but it is perfect for night time. I have mentioned time and time again that I suffer from dry skin and eczema so this is literally perfect and I cannot rave about this enough. 
Tesco Baby moisturising oil - £1.79: Tesco
The packaging in the image above is the old packaging. But basically I drop a few drops of this in the bath (to my house mates annoyance)and it softens my skin nicely. Only when my skin is really dry do I remove my makeup with baby oil. So in this horrible weather I am using oils a lot. 
 Topshop Glow - £9.00: Topshop
In this dreary weather we tend to get dreary skin. And we need a highlighter that gives a dewy glow without looking to warm and summery. Topshop's glow is the perfect highlighter for me as it gives my skin that natural glow when it is feeling a little hard done by. 
Topshop Cream Blush in Flush - £6.00: Topshop
Topshop makeup is one I shunned until I tried this, and it has fast become one of my favourite brands at a budget price. I literally use this all year round and unlike a powder blush it glides on without drying out my skin. As you can see my packaging is well loved and pretty beaten up, but as soon a I have finished this I will definitely repurchase it. I also feel this is a fantastic colour which will suit most skin tones. 
Maybelline Extreme Moisture Pinky Beige - £5.99: Boots
I did a full review of this lipstick here. But this is a soft and balm like lipstick which has an even coverage but doesnt dry out and stick to the lips, which is just what you want in this weather. 

Lush Pop Corn Lip Scrub- £5.25: Lush
Drum roll please ... My lips are really dry, flaky and sore in the winter and when I saw a few rave reviews about this lip scrub I knew I had to try it. It basically exfoliates your lips with its sugary grains. It tells you to lick off the excess which I personally don't like the taste of. And it tends to go all round my mouth, attractive right? It does leave my lips soft and flake free which is perfect for those horrid winter lips. 
Jason Lips Bee Healthier - £1.99: Real
I got this in a Glossy Box and literally use it 100000x a day. I have a lot of lip balms but I really like this one. It is free of all the nasty stuff. I have no idea why but I think it smells like an after eight which is a delicious scent to be putting on your lips. 
Premae Balance Rescue Face Tonique- £17.50 :
I have put the price of a full size bottle but I have only got the tester bottle received in my latest glossybox. I prefer rose water toners, this is really gentle on the skin and although it is described as mattifying I don't find it drying at all. It it soothing and works deep to remove any trapped dirt. 
Benefit Total Moisture - full size £26.50 : Debenhams
Okay, this is expensive but I find if you get the tester size in a gift set that it is totally worth the price you get it for. My tester size lasts me for ages, and its really hydrating . It keeps your skin really soft and smooth and has a nice fresh smell. 
Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - full size £23.50: Debenhams
Again this is expensive but I think it is 100% worth every penny. This really does fade dark circles by hydrating and brightening your under eye area. Just what you need in the nasty cold mornings. 

And I thought I'd share one of our little snowmen :) 

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