A Week In The Eye Of Instagram

Yes, it's Sunday again. Those weeks just fly by these days. So again here is your chance to see what rubbish I have uploaded onto instagram yet again, you nosey lot. 
This week was my first full week back at uni - which has killed me. But luckily my fantastic boyfriend came to surprise me for a couple of days which was just what I needed. I have also completely changed my hair colour (CHECK OUT MY HAIR TIMELINE

Below I am going to do 15 random facts about me - that you might not have known. 

 Still can't get used to my newly dark locks| Ooo I like a big delivery| Mmm Porridge. 

 New hair colour | Gradient nails | Love my new background

 GU puds are unreal | New jumper | Check out the presentation skills - I am nigella, 


1. I have a pointy right ear which looks elf like. 
2. I was an only child up until the age of 14. 
3. Door to Door my uni address is 349 miles away from my home address. 
4. I have a ridiculously massive fear of dogs & Vomit. 
5. I started dancing when I was 2 and a half and stopped aged 18. 
6. My full name is Melody Louise Small - And I am sure I know at least 30 people with the same middle name. 
7.I absolutely love tortoises and will one day own two called Shelly and Donatello
8. I once accidentally ended up in hospital after swallowing nail glue - and will never ever wear false nails. 
9. I am exactly half way through my degree - which is so scary. 
10. I hate eating at Pizza Hut but I am partial to a delivery. 
11. I didn't eat bacon until a few months ago. 
12. I really really really want to work for a fashion or beauty magazine. 
13. I have a real anger for those who do not attend university regulary - someone else could of had their place who wants to be there. 
14. I have no desire to get married or have children
15. I used to be a massive fussy eater - but I now live by the motto: I'll try anything once. - this does only apply to food. 

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