Some people see it as a loss of innocence, some see it as a step in the right direction others just think it is cute, but whatever you think there is no denying that children are getting more stylish.

And after seeing the adorable niece of Alexander wang, Aila, at this years New York Fashion Week (NYFW) there is no doubt that she is THE most stylish child on the planet (apologies Suri). 

But this leaves me wondering why are children these days getting so stylish? Is there too many pressures on our children of today, or is there just more choice? 

Having a young sister who is already fashion conscious I can really see the changes from when I was a child. But, with designers like Diane Von Furstenburg selling designer children's wear in Gap and Stella McCartney in TKMAXX it's no wonder that children are more aware of what they are wearing. 

But, many people see this as just another movement into children losing their innocence younger, and another step into the direction of beauty pageants. It is true kids today are growing up faster now than 10 years ago when I was growing up - but is fashion really the issue? 

I don't think so. In my opinion children being interested in fashion and what they are wearing is another way for them to express themselves creatively and enjoy such a cultural world. There are obvious exceptions and length etc should be considered, but hell what's wrong with a small child with a designer bag? 

I thought I would attach my 5 most stylish children. Who I am 100% jealous of - with their designer attire and fashion week passes. And there is not a jelly shoe in sight. 

-As previously mention the niece of fashion designer Alexander Wang 
must be the most stylish kid in the world - and the cutest at that! 

- Having been to fashion week before she was 1, rocked more designer attire than 
most and having blogs dedicated to her, she is certainly one fashionable little girl. 

- She was bound to pop up, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and 
her ever stylish wardrobe. 

- The daughter of Nicole Richie always looks cute and like a mini fashionista - 
and she has the cutest curls. 

- Another of the amazing Beckham family, Romeo is not only super stylish
but is even the face of a Burberry Campaign. 'Ohh to be a Beckham???'


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