Christmas is over, and we are just starting to get our finances back to a healthier looking state when WHAM BHAM KAZAAM the most over commercialised day of the year arrives ... Valentines.

I don't celebrate valentines day, nor am I a bitter single 'anti-valentines' either I just think it is the single most over-rated day of the year - made to make those who are single to feel crap and put unnecessary pressures on those of us who do have someone. However I will take full advantage of spending time with my girls and eating reduced Ben & Jerry's (it's always reduced). But even though I won't be writing a status about how much 'I LOVE MY BBY BOI' (Vom) I know some of you will so here is a quick gift guide.

UNDER A TENNER -  For those of you who are on a tighter budget this year or are in the first few months of your relationship and don't want to scare each other of.

1. Tetris Heat Change Mug - £7.99 2. Striped T-shirt _ £18 NOW £10 3. Gameboy iPhone case - £1.90
4. Retro sweets - £7.50 NOW£4.50 5. Nail Art Pens - £10 6. Bunny iPhone case £5.10

UNDER £50 - So this section is for those who have been together a little longer and want to indulge a little more without still looking OTT, and those whose budget can expand a little more this year. 
1. Grey Converse trainers - £44.99 2. Red hooded casual jacket - £45 3. CK One Eau de Toilette - £22.66
4. Hotel chocolat Milk oblivion tray - £22 5. Diptyque Chevrefeuille scented candle -£40 6. Red Suede Chain Bag - £50

UNDER £100 - For me personally this is a budget that I could not justify for Valentines day, but if you and your partner are planning on splashing the cash this year here are some ideas for under £100 

1. French Connection mock-crocadile strap watch - £80 2. Speakers - £87.83 3. Cable Crew Neck jumber - £89.50 NOW £69
4. Kindle e-reader -£59 5. Tiffany heart tag pendant - £100 6. Ted Baker purse - £75.00

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