I have decided to post my opinions on valentines day, as I have decided that those who are to have an issue with my opinions will be out with their lover sipping over-priced wine and slurping oysters. And if you do not like it then click the [X]. 

Today is that day again, where everyone divides into happy/smug lovers and unhappy/rejects. That one day in the whole year where you are supposed to tell the one you love that, well... you love them? Or that day that reminds the singletons that they are ALONE! 

You know who they are, the people who like to parade their happiness in front of the less fortunate a big smirk on their face - holding their ridiculous helium balloon or a card larger than themselves. It is everywhere, red hearts stuck to walls, people proposing and apparently love sick couples unable to look at anything but each other. 

Meanwhile, it is just a constant reminder for those without someone to spoil or Que. for a restaurant with that for another year they have been unable to find that special someone. And that in fact they have nothing better to do than eat pizza, and sob into a tub of Ben and Jerry's whilst watching The Notebook. 

People often ask what my problem is with valentines, I have a boyfriend with whom I am incredibly happy with - but I just don't like the over-commercialed day it has become. 

Valentines started centuries ago, back when people were true romantics, sex was kept for after marriage and the whole point was the surprise '?' inside the card. But in a day and age where sex is not just for those is love, true romance is dead and you can stick you face let alone your name on the front of a moon pig card - I struggle to see the point. 

It is a day that is over-commercialised and exploited by the likes of Clintons and Florists, and we are just all too stupid to resist. Why should you tell that special person that you love them on the 14th of February? should you not tell them everyday. And if the romance of it all was supposed to be the element of surprise then why not treat your loved one on a random day as an impromptu surprise? 

As for many people the constant adverts and love hearts floating around your local shopping centre appear to be a reminder to tell that person you love them, I like to use it as a way of telling my best friends how much I love them. Because they're the people I tell least and most of all I will call my beautiful sister and tell her how much she means to me because they're the people I don't tell enough. 

So, if you are single, and sick of seeing the vile puppy love status, bragging instagram pics and just about every other 'fake' emotion - just think of the money you saved and tell your friend who you haven't seen in weeks how much you love her and it'll all feel better. 

* I am aware this is not everyones opinion and just my own - I do not try and offend anyone with this post each to their own, it is just my rant and my rant is over. HAPPY SMOOCHING. 

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